Creative CV template

Creative CV template

Colors: Blue, Green, Grey, Red, Purple, Orange

File Format: Microsoft Word

You’re an artsy kind of person, many who thinks with their right brain. Creativity is primary in your life. You may be a web designer, graphic designer, anyone who works with design or technology and are moved by creativity. This type of creative CV template can also be for the person who wants to be brave and bold in their presentation to a potential employer. It could help managers, executives, entrepreneurs and commercial representatives. This creative CV template shows your appreciate for style and design. Your resume will stand out from the crowd. It comes in six colors, blue, green, grey, red, purple and orange. The unique icons highlight phone numbers, email address, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts. Your picture is prominently placed in a circle at the top, or you could also substitute it with the conventional square picture, or choice not to have any, or place a logo instead. This resume is designed for versatility. We have several creative CV templates you could choose from but this one stands out for ease of use and versatility. It allows you to showcase professional skills as well as personal skills. It is a one-page design that gets your message across in the most creative and efficient way. If you want your resume to reflect your creativity, this is the resume template for you.

Creative blue CV template

Above source: Free Office Admin CV template in Microsoft Word format

Creative CV

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